25 Pins
the letter c is decorated with flowers and leaves on it's side, as well as a crescent
Review Now! Large Bronze Crescent Raven Pentacle Pendant by Dryad Designs
a painting of a bat hanging on the side of a wall with words written below it
blab409 Monte Beauchamp
two bats are flying next to each other
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, vol. 11, Mammals II. 1972.
a small brown bat sitting on top of a persons hand
a small brown bat sitting on top of someone's hand with it's eyes open
30 ‘Fangtastic’ Pics Of Bats Showing Their Adorable Side
a black and white drawing of a bat hanging upside down on a branch with its wings spread
Flying Fox Fruit Bat
an image of bats flying in the air over plants and trees with other animals around them
Common bat ; Vampire bat ; Common bat ; Dog headed bat ; Horseshoe bat ; Fruit eating bat
a man with a bat and rose tattoo on his chest