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gillovny is so real in this pic :::)

qilliananderson: “ Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at the Annual Golden Globe Awards (Jan ”

... :)

duchov: “ I will never know what was that hands holding and smiling about but I will love it forever.

William was a bullfrog

Here I will be posting edits and posts of David Duchovny, Tea Leoni and alexander skarsgard, X-Files, XFILES REVIVAL, William and whatever else I feel like posting.

GILLIAN: And um there was a table of a few women, like 3 or 4 women sitting near us and, um, um, they were from Ohio or Texas or someplace and they were having their own conversation. But they kept on looking at our table and looking at you and then whispering and looking at you, and we were in mid-conversation at one point and one of them taps you on the shoulder and says, “Were you on Jeopardy?” And you said, “Yes.” And she was like, “Oh my God, oh my God, sh...

shit between us : the complete david duchovny and gillian anderson archive

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A deadly serious fighter plane. I've always though the Russians designed very sleek and attractive fighter planes but I've been told its a with the Polish Air Force.