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Even pretty little Disney princesses should relax and let their hair down once in a while. "Smile for the Camera" Art Print by Brianna.

Robin Hood Sponsor On Q Productions Inc will set the ambiance of ‪ which really comes in handy when Two Girls and a Camera come and take some silly candid pictures of you, your friends & family all dressed up! Get tickets now:

I learnt this monolouge as a kid, and I still say it from time to time.

The Emperor's New Grove. I LOVE this movie. It is probably, if it isn't already, my favorite older Disney movie. I love Disney movies. I will probably mention a few times. :D

Peter Pan. Let's Go To Neverland! My favorite quote ever <3 This will be somewhere on my body, someday. ♥ ♥

My best friend I got Peter Pan tattoos recently. We go "Second Star to the right, and straight on till morning." This is another great saying from Peter Pan. I love it.