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Forks bookstore was a privately run shop. Noble lived in the back. He had grown a fondness for the girl that always spend and hour in his shop everyday and always bought a new book on Friday.

Panta Rhei & Café Dias / bookstore & cafe

Panta Rhei is a well established and popular bookstore in Slovak Republic. Café Dias is a coffee place, which became an addition to in Panta Rhei branches to support bookloving atmosphere. With its size, Panta Rhei is one of the largest subjects

San Francisco Books Company, Paris, France More

10 Beautiful Bookshops That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

Seljavallalaug | From Reykjavík, the ring road (No.1) to road 242 (Raufarfell). Drive until you see a sign that says Seljavellir, follow it to a newer pool that where you can park. get out, head for the elevated hill, follow the trail for 15-20 minutes towards the bottom of the valley and the pool is around a corner. Depending on the season and the power of the water flow, your feet will get wet crossing the rocky stream so dress appropriately.

Seljavallalaug ~ Day 10 (L) / July 31

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Kuala Lumpur, you never fail to impress me! I stayed at this amazing place and absolutely loved it! Perfect view over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur! A wonderful morning at Regalia Residences in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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