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Nicol Havlová

Nicol Havlová
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Алиса Селезнёва

JLC Dance Ltd Blackpool's Premier Ballroom School provides quality teaching by experienced professionals

do what you love & love what you do.   dance. quote. blog. love.

Someone needs to put that on a dancers top. Not a regular persons top, a dancers top. Everyone knows that dancers are the sharpest dressers

Weissman™ | Studded Legging & Crop Top Plaid Shirt  this is my hip hop costume

Seamless, zig-zag studded leggings set the mood for this urban-inspired costume. The cool, oversized cropped T-shirt is worn over a matte nylon/spandex bra top. The separate, plaid flannel button-down shirt is included and a knit beanie comp

I think it be cute with Eric boots and my heals

Dancing, a important thing in culture. A couple of years ago I danced myself. And this picture describes the dance styles I love the most. Ballet, because it can really tell a story. But hip-hop, because it brings along a positive vibe.