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Green Anaconda - What a beautiful animal!

A worldgorger dragon. that's what you can find when paddling with a dugout canoe through the rivers of Ecuador's Yasuni National Park. The dragon is known as Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus). Photo by Alejandro Arteaga. Nope, not paddling there.

Get FREE GEMS without using any Clash Royale hacks

Get FREE GEMS without using any Clash Royale hacks

Фотография orange petal автор visarute angkatavanich на 500px

Summary: Some of the most exquisite, beautiful tropical fishes are available for sale online. There are various sites that showcase fishes of highest quality and in healthy condition offering at numerous price ranges to be taken home.

Ceramic pot plant and glass fish tank, 2 in 1Geek Living Blog

One Pot, Two Lives The fish eats and ‘wastes out’ its lunch, the plant feeds on its nutrients. The plant eats some water and filters it down so it is clean for the fish. Now the challenge is can I keep both a house plant AND a fish alive?