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there is a cake made out of cans and other items on top of the table
Geburtstagsgeschenk Ideen | Freund geschenke geburtstag, Geburtstag geschenk freundin, Geschenkideen freundin geburtstag
a pink bucket filled with lots of bottles and liquors on top of a table
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a tray filled with lots of beer bottles on top of a couch next to a pillow
13 Birthdax-Ideen | selbermachen geschenke, selbstgemachte geschenke, geschenkideen
mason jars filled with candles hanging from a branch
Upcycling Möbel – Ideen & Inspirationen | OBI | Diy home decor, Candles, Home diy
cinnamon sticks wrapped in twine with a candle
The Easiest Holiday DIY: Cinnamon Stick Candles - Front Roe by Louise Roe
two candles are sitting in glass vases with greenery on the top and bottom
8 Ideias de decoração de natal com velas | CUSTOMIZANDO.NET - Blog de customização de roupas, moda, decoração e artesanato por Mariely Del Rey
two candles are sitting next to each other on a table with blue flowers around them
Svícny ze zavařovacích sklenic s dekorací z levandule - Kreativní Techniky