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Traurig, aber wahr... warum konnten sie njcht einfach einen vernünftigen Film machen??

The real Percabeth. (I'm sorry, but I can't stand the movie Annabeth. I love Annabeth in the books and I can't even watch the movies, it makes me too angry.)<--- it feels like movie Annabeth is a totally different person than book Annabeth


Leo + Reyna, Luke + Annabeth, Percy + Rachel Never ever! Well Leo and Reyna never really bothered me. <<< You should get health insurance against the PJ fandom. We're coming for you.

percy jackson birthday cards - Google Search

"Percy was eating a huge stack of blue pancakes while Annabeth chided him for pouring too much syrup. 'You’re drowning them! 'Hey, I’m a Poseidon kid,' he said. 'I can’t drown. And neither can my pancakes'" (Blood of Olympus).