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Signs of Being Hexed: How to Identify Negative Energy
Discover the telltale signs of being hexed and learn how to identify negative energy in your life. From unexplained setbacks to recurring patterns of misfortune, uncover the indicators of hexes or curses. Empower yourself with knowledge and protect your energy. #magic #protectionmagic Credits: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGeP3e8XM/
a jar with flowers in it and the words spell jar for health written above it
Pet Protection Spell Jar
an old fashioned recipe for lust oil
🕯💫 Love Spell Tip 🕯💫
Let's do a love biding spell!
Please ask for permission from the person you are binding with before you do this spell! #love #lovespell Credits: @tobecomeawitch
Manifest Your Desires: Simple Steps for Success
Discover easy ways to manifest your desires with this straightforward guide. Learn practical techniques to bring your dreams to life and create the future you desire. Start manifesting today! #manifestyourdesire #magic #magicspell
Energy witchcraft tips - witchtip
Home Protection Spell
Reclaim Your Power: A Spell for Self-Empowerment and Confidence
Unleash your true potential with a spell crafted to reclaim your power. This empowering ritual is a beacon of strength and confidence, guiding you to stand in your truth and embrace your full capabilities. Whether facing personal challenges or seeking to affirm your autonomy, this spell is your ally.
Mystical Candle Ritual: Let the Magic Guide You to Your Answer!
Need clarity? Perform this candle wax divination ritual and find the answer to your burning question. Let the intuitive flow of wax reveal the truth and illuminate the path forward. #CandleWaxDivination #IntuitiveAnswers #SpiritualGuidance
Home blessing spell
the instructions for cord cutting candle spell are displayed on a purple background with white candles
a piece of paper with writing on it and two lit candles in the middle that read cutting cords
Cord cutting spell
Rootwork, Magic Herbs, Baster, Love Oil
Wipe debt away spell
Easy Money Spell
Money spell 💸🍀 #spell #money #moneytips #witch #ritual #wish #attract #moneymanifesting tiktok: magusimo