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**ADOPTED** by Julianne Parker. This is Cole, age 17, and Angie, age 16. They are the cutest little couple so they must be adopted together. They want a younger brother and sister to joke around with. They would also like a pet dog or cat (or hopefully both). They understand if those aren't available, they just want a family!! Please adopt!

this is page and tanner, tanner is 16 and page is htye have been together for 2 years and plan on getting married. tanners parents died in a plane crash and page was taken from her parents because of drug abuse.

Omg her eyes

One of Elsa's daughters: Ester is 2 years old. She is Elsa's second daughter and she has ice powers. Cute and creative, she is known for making funny things out of ice that Elsa would never think to make. She loves her sister, Ella.

Adam showed me his parents photo/convosation about their marriage speeches @Queen Elsa  this is cute

frozenblume: Jack & Elsa Wedding fanart~ :) and I’m the priest I added some disney princesses in the BG. Can you guess who they are~? Ariel, Anna, and Rapunzel in the background! << It looks like Tiana is there too behind Rapunzel