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Hmmmm l wish everyone could stop telling me lm not crazy

Went to see Frozen with my little cousin, now i got them songs stuck in my head aarrgg.good movie tho Anyways she asked me for a quick drawing of Elsa and here it is!

**ADOPTED** by Julianne Parker. This is Cole, age 17, and Angie, age 16. They are the cutest little couple so they must be adopted together. They want a younger brother and sister to joke around with. They would also like a pet dog or cat (or hopefully both). They understand if those aren't available, they just want a family!! Please adopt!

this is page and tanner, tanner is 16 and page is htye have been together for 2 years and plan on getting married. tanners parents died in a plane crash and page was taken from her parents because of drug abuse.

Omg her eyes

Name: Annastasia Age: 2 months Powers: suspected ice powers Would Like: Annastasia (Anna) has similar requirments as Ellie. She needs children her age and a supportive family. She is normally an easy child but is also mischevious. Please adopt!