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a cartoon character with blue hair and text that reads, 5 / 0 me pops in the bathtub my entire family a core memory
Parenting Memes For The Perpetually Stressed
a dog sitting in front of a desk with the caption, when i go over someone's house and they have a dog
Hilarious Memes, Crazy Funny Memes
Download the Marijuana Grow Bible
the lion and the bird are fighting in front of each other, with caption that reads can lift a rhino but not a lion cub
a man wearing headphones and listening to music
a baby yoda holding up a cell phone with the caption when your phone has no signal, so you go all lion king on it
Baby Yoda - go all Lion King
an image of a dog with caption that reads, my tongue informing me of the exact location of the meat stuck in my tooth
a hamster with its mouth open and the caption me during an argument vs the argument in the shower
two pictures with the caption when you get home and you and your dog see each other
Hey best friend!
an image of monsters with caption saying when you step on a leaf and it makes a good crunch sound
Uh oh
an image of a cartoon character in front of a fire with caption that reads, when its hot at but you cannot sleep without your blanket
So true y'all
an image of a cartoon character with the caption when a character's death is so sudden you can't even react to it, you just sit there like
a cartoon character with the caption, when you hear your crush likes someone else oh look at that, i've been impaled
the lion king and his cub are smiling at each other with caption that reads, when you're asking your parents if your friend can sleep over