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The seven styles of learning; visual-spatial; aural-auditory/musical; physical-kinesthetic; verbal-linguisticl; logical-mathematical; solitary-intrapersonal; social-interpersonal;

This pin describes the As we all know, every student learns differently. We as teachers must accommodate our learning tools to satisfy our students’ learning styles.

Comics in Education: multiple intelligences --> linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences function much better and are stronger when used in combination with the other intelligences: visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.

Graphic detailing the multiple types of intelligences and what people with those intelligences do to learn. For example, I am a visual/spatial learner, so I learn best when someone draws me a picture.

Giant Geometry: Public Art Project!

A Zen Librarian: Giant Geometry: Public Art Project! - Using string art to learn about math and geometry. I love the spin on taking it outdoors where kids have to get up and move :)

Differentiated instruction

Fulfilling The Promise of The Differentiated Classroom pg. This gives lots of ideas for all different subjects to be able to differentiate successfully using all different techniques and strategies offered in Tomlinson's book.