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Numbers Men Set 2 - Fjällräven Numbers

Durable outdoor jacket with many generous pockets that easily have room for the contents of a small backpack. it is designed for advanced outdoor life, all year around, but Smock No. 1 has a longer cut and a greater number of even

"How To Make Pemmican: A Survival Superfood That Can Last 50 Years"

Invented by the natives of North America…Pemmican is the Ultimate Survival Food that can last 50 Years! Now You can learn to make this vital survival foodstuff

Even if you’re going for a short hike, BRING DUCT TAPE. | 15 F*cking Brilliant Hiking Hacks You Need To Try ASAP

10 Essential Things To Bring For Outdoor & Hiking! Even if you're going for a short hike, BRING DUCT TAPE. Hardcore hikers swear by duct tape, which you can use to waterproof ventilated boots, fix a cracked water bottle, and protect painful blisters.

Pistol-shooting-chart (Training aid)

"Pistol-shooting-chart (Training aid)- How I found out I was tightening my grip while pulling the trigger. Tight groups but always pulled that direction. After using the chart, I could feel what I was doing and corrected it!" this is helpful!