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a room with blue and white walls, chairs and lights on the wall next to each other
Work Pods we designed for Google's CA office! / BY
two people sitting on couches in an open area
Kantoormeubelen Buro Project - Total Office Solutions
NOT these colors but the high walls on the couches create an instant meeting room with fewer distractions
an office with green and yellow furniture in the center, grass on the floor and wooden ceiling
PEMCO Insurance - Spokane Offices | Office Snapshots
PEMCO Insurance – Spokane Office, Spokane, Washington.
four different views of the inside of a building
Dymitr Malcew Designs Office Breakout Seating Inspired By Treehouses
Dymitr Malcew Designs Office Breakout Seating Inspired By Treehouses /// Dymitr Malcew, an architect based in Singapore, has designed a collection of office breakout seating, inspired by treehouses. The seats can roll around to create small meeting spaces, or be kept separate to be used as individual work areas.
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a wooden wall with a blue frame
Playfully Designed Office Spaces
Hangout spaces - Cisco Office Space Interior Design
an empty room with wooden shelves and blue chairs
Motel One Headquarters - Munich | Office Snapshots
Ippolito Fleitz Group has developed the new design of hotel chain Motel One‘s headquarters in Munich, Germany.
a person sitting in a bubble chair with yellow pillows on the floor next to it
NameBright - Domain Expired
Hans Hollein, Exhibition, 1969
a person sitting in a small room with a hot tub next to an animal bed
Imaginative Google Office of Zurich
Downgraf - Imaginative Google Office of Zurich(9)
four different views of the inside of a building
Dymitr Malcew Designs Office Breakout Seating Inspired By Treehouses
an office with a phone on the wall
Macrokiosk - Kuala Lumpur Offices | Office Snapshots
Macrokiosk | Kuala Lumpur Offices | The Space is built upon the five elements that governs the business model of Macrokiosk – functional, engaging, collaborative, creative and innovative – where the essence of powering connectivity is interwoven into its design approach. Spearheaded by Macrokiosk’s internal workspace design team in collaboration with a local interior design and built company, The Space is a continuity of a branding exercise to streamline the workspace design concept.
an overhead view of a desk with a computer and other items on it, in the shape of a hexagonal structure
The open office has delivered many benefits; however we have recognized the need for privacy within the workplace environment. Haven Pods provide a defined space for individual focused work and spaces for team collaboration. The space efficient geometric design also enhances the acoustic performance of the product.
a man sitting at a table talking on a cell phone in a room with white walls
Acoustic Phone Booths for the Office
Acoustic Furniture - Office Soundproofing
an overhead view of a boat with green seats and a wooden table in the center
Haven Pods nestle and tessellate to maximise available space, allowing the creation of a community of environments and destinations. Haven Pods are ideal for either an individual within a desk based environment looking for a space to focus or for teams to gather for impromptu meetings
people are sitting at tables in a large room with bright colored furniture and floor to ceiling windows
Steelcase Brody WorkLounge Design Story
Steelcase’s new Brody WorkLounge office pods designed by Markus McKenna block open plan office distractions and help workers focus in comfort.