Veronika Neuwirtová

Veronika Neuwirtová

Veronika Neuwirtová
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Elsa's Dress - Bodice and Sleeve Detail

Elsa is the older sister in Disney's new movie Frozen. Prior to the release of the movie, her stunning costume was already being made into cosplay costumes for adults and children. The Snow Queen costume has proven to be very popular with both.

Jack Frost Staff Tutorial - click for full tutorial More

So I have been getting a lot of questions on how I made the Jack Frost Staff (not all of them on DA), and I was planning on perhaps selling it on etsy, . Jack Frost Staff Tutorial - Part 1

my Jack Frost pants tutorial for you :)

I decide i didn’t want to do an “ Elsa dressing like Jack” cosplay anymore, I wanted to do a full Jack Frost cosplay. I sell my Elsa wig and buy a jack wig instead :) I will do a tutorial when I recive it to show you how I will style it.