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Work in progress... will slowly be filled with all things about Supernatural Season 9: pics, gifs, screencaps, videos. THIS BOARD WILL BE FULL OF SPOILERS. After the season finishes all character pins will be moved to their own boards (Sam caps to Sam Winchester board etc). Tags: #SPNS9 #S9 #Supernatural

Hanna Kuura
Supernatural "Meta Fiction" - No, that came out exactly right. Wait that was bad too! Oh Gabriel, you crazy. Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Quotes, Supernatural Gabriel, Supernatural Angels, Oscar Wilde, Richard Speight, Misha Collins, Destiel, Jensen Ackles

Be strong in the times where you want to be weak. -Jensen Ackles

[gifset] 9x18 Meta Fiction #SPN #Gabriel

with the right gifset url [gifset] shower porn ♥ Meta Fiction John Winchester, Winchester Brothers, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Fandom, Jared Padalecki, Destiel, Superwholock, A Team

[SET OF GIFS] Dean in shower 9.18 #MetaFiction #SPNS9 #DeanWinchester

“This is from Gag Reel but there is no joke here. I'm DEAD. I can't handle Jensen Ackles perfection ♥” Jensen Ackles, Jared And Jensen, Winchester Boys, Winchester Brothers, Supernatural Season 9, Bae, Cw Series, Smallville, Super Natural

S9 Gag Reel - Jensen - tank top - shades - and Jared's dog. <3

[gifset] Title cards - These were great! Meta Fiction- except Metatron doesn't deserve this excellent title card Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Gifs, Title Card, Winchester Boys, Super Natural, Destiel, Superwholock, Best Tv, Fiction

Be strong in the times where you want to be weak. -Jensen Ackles

[gifset] Title cards - These were great! 9x18 Meta Fiction #SPN

Dean SPN Mother's Little Helper. This gives us a clue as to how many times Dean's played pool over the years. Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Gifs, Castiel, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Play Pool, Carrot Top, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Taste the rainbow

rute | 24 | portugal | i make gifs sometimes

[Dancing GIF] Gag Reel - What a sexy cutie pie :) Jensen Ackles, Jared And Jensen, Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Gifs, Bae, 67 Impala, Cw Series, Demon Hunter, Winchester Boys

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 Bravo, Misha and the SE dept! Sam SPN Mother's Little Helper Supernatural Season 9, Winchester Supernatural, Supernatural Tv Show, Winchester Boys, Winchester Brothers, Jensen And Misha, Jensen Ackles, Demon Hunter, Just Jared


My name is Reema from Yemen This is a Multifandom blog Warning : This blog contains Hunky, dashing, chiseled, steamy, and insanely handsome men and may not be suitable for everyone

Supernatural -- "Meta Fiction" -- Image -- Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved Supernatural Photos, Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Episodes, Jared And Jensen, Jensen Ackles, Winchester Brothers, Dean Winchester, Demon Dean, Fiction

9.18 #MetaFiction #SPNS9 #DeanWinchester (click for big pic)

"Spare him." - Josie to Abaddon SPN Mother's Little Helper. Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Gifs, Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki, Jared And Jensen, Love Henry, Bobby Singer, Swan Song, Winchester Boys, Super Natural

it's okay, sammy.

Michael | 24 | Oregon ISFJ | Lawful Neutral | Phlegmatic This blog is dedicated to everything Supernatural and its cast. If you have a question, request, or just want to chat, please leave me a message in my ask!

Meta Fiction when Metatron finished his whole story speech thing and then it cut to Dean in the shower I was like "I." And my brother just started laughing.

9.18 Meta Fiction #SPNS9 #DeanWinchester

[GIF] the wrath of Sam Meta Fiction Supernatural Season 9, Supernatural Gifs, Winchester Brothers, Sam Winchester, Adventure Time Theories, Jensen And Misha, Jared Padalecki, Robert Downey Jr, Family Business

Reasons like seasons, they constantly change

Steve / 27 / VA / he him HERE's the stuff that I've made HERE's my Adventure Time theories blog I'm DATING

On-set of Spn in Chicago, March 2014 Supernatural Season 9, Jensen And Misha, New Actors, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Favorite Person, On Set, Cas, Movie Tv

On-set of Spn in Chicago, March 26, 2014 #Bloodlines