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Networking basics

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Here the best FREE ChatGPT prompts for Python programmers available right now on the web - FREE DOWNLOAD on by Stefania Galatolo #ChatGPT #Python #FreeChatGPT #Tipsographic #StefaniaGalatolo

Youtube Learning

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Here the best ChatGPT prompts available right now - FREE DOWNLOAD

Useful Website

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Social Media

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User Experience

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Search Engines

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C, C++, C#, Zig

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Ann Afamefuna on LinkedIn: #like #kubernetes #devop #cloudsecurity #devsecops #scrummaster #sre…

Linux Terminal

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Command Prompt

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Useful Websites

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Best Free AI Alternatives #aitools

AI Tools, ex. Chat GPT

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Ethical Hacking & Security

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1) Kali Linux · 2) Parrot OS · 3) BackBox · 4) BlackArch · 5) Fedora Security Lab · 6) Dracos Linux · 7) CAINE · 8) Samurai Web Testing Framework. . kali linux parrot os backbox how to hack operating system black hat hacker os anonymous os best operating system for ethical hacking operating system for ethical hacking which os is used for ethical hacking how many hours do ethical hackers work best ethical hacking operating system how to be a ethical hacker parrot os vs kali black os


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Program language comparison

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Algorithms & Data Science

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Artificial Intelligence

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