Nely Sedláčková

Nely Sedláčková

Nely Sedláčková
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#5. make a candy pizza-summer list-kids will enjoy :)

Making this for the Thanksgiving office party tomorrow! Thanksgiving Dessert Pizza - Be thankful that a dessert this tasty is so easy to prepare with Pillsbury® Create 'n Bake™ cookies.

Bucket list: jump into a pool full of Jello!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bucket list: jump into a pool full of Jello! I dreamt once I went to a jello pool party and everyone dressed up like a piece of fruit.

@Bethany Shoda Shoda Shoda Shoda Allen  We can do this at the beach!!!! or even better it has colorful lights in it already

Glow sticks in the pool, great for night swimming! Not sure this would be the best idea for a big in ground pool (would probably take a couple hundred sticks), but would definitely be cool in a kid pool or an above ground pool!