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Nickie Cohalan Millinery

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Handmade hats and head pieces

Spring green pillbox with sinamay swirl snd green/ivory flower detail to front and rear

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Grey button with fluorescent yellow loops and matching butterfly

Lavender button headpiece with white feather duo held in place with a bead cluster

Lace and roses in black white and red with red rooster feathers

Cobalt blue button headpiece circled by distressed crin, Ivory loops and hydrangea petals

Extra large raspberry oval headpiece with pearl detail and sinamay loops

Royal blue straw headpiece with full ostrich feather and orange flower

Grey sinamay headpiece with fluo pink feathers

Black sinamay disc mounted on a hairband with yellow feather spray

Bridal headpiece covered in lace, embellished with netting, an ivory arrow feather and butterfly