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Apsara hand gestures | ❤ gypsy bellydance ▲ Via Afrikraaft #fusion #gypsy

The hands are one of the most important parts of bellydance - check out these apsara hand gestures of the tribal fusion style!

8 Benefits of #Bellydance You Didn't Know About! Article by Ananke.

8 body benefits you never knew Belly Dancing could have! What are you waiting for? Get groovin' with a Belly Dancing intro class .

This Is Why Your Dog Is Always Licking Something

Ever wondered why your dog licks? The below infographic from Barking Royalty’s shows the top 10 reasons dogs lick.

Homemade Bitter Liquid to Help Dogs Stop Chewing | eHow

Dogs actually have a reason to chew. Chewing helps soothe the pain of incoming teeth for puppies and helps adult dogs maintain healthy teeth. That said, dog chewing can turn destructive, and when not properly trained, a dog can really do some damage.