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several paintings are hanging on the wall with blue and white paper cut out to look like cityscapes
Zimní městečko
paper christmas trees and candles on a table
four christmas trees made out of construction paper
christmas trees made out of construction paper on a green surface with red and white stars
Творим вместе с детьми
a wooden sign with snowmen painted on it
Christmas Handprint Crafts
Christmas handprint crafts - snowmen handprint
four pictures of handprints with snow falling on them
Handprint Winter Tree with Snowy Fingerprints
Winter hand print tree art to make with the kiddos! Talk about how trees change throughout the year as they use their hands and fingers to create art.
a child's drawing of a hand reaching out to a tree with the moon in the background
Sign in
Zimní krajina - winter landscape
a black and white drawing of a snowman in front of a house with two children
a coloring page with christmas decorations on it