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Kamila Navrátilová
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hair we heart it - Căutare Google

(Open to Kingston family) Willow excitedly skips along to meet her new family. The door flies open and she bounces in.

Pastel hair is all the rage right now. Click to see the trendiest ways how to dye your hair in pastel.

Read How they like your hair (dyed) from the story The Outsiders Preferences and Imagines - with the Shepard's by _ponyboy_curtis_ (Veronica) with 381 reads.

“This color is GORG!! #regram @beckped #americansalon” https://www.instagram.com/p/BB7zCjyqnon/

Another nice example of the bluish to aqua-teal fade. I don't want a ton of emphasis on any dark blues, more just a blue to add tonal richness to the aqua-teal tones.

Ha keep it ugly ;)

Gerard Way I love you! Not in a creepy "cougar" way but in a "thank you for putting my feelings & emotions into your songs" way!<<<<<i love you in the gerard way lol