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four sunbursts are shown in black and white on a square paper plate
Tangling Radiant Sooflowers
Tickled To Tangle: Tangling Radiant Sooflowers by Adele Bruno
an abstract black and white background with diagonal lines in the center, as well as horizontal stripes
How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?
an abstract black and white square pattern on a white background with squares in the center
Square Gestalt Designs
an abstract black and white painting with vertical lines in the middle, on a wall
a black and white painting sitting on top of a table
Wagner Malta Tavares | Bangcrunch (2015) | Available for Sale | Artsy
an abstract black and white pattern with diagonal lines on it's surface, in the style of art deco
Pintura Indígena (Escamas de Peixes)
Pintura Indígena (Escamas de Peixes) | Copyright © 2008.Rita… | Flickr
the different patterns used in this project are shown here, and each one is drawn by hand
幾何学模様のブログ みずすましの図工ノート
an image of a pattern that is drawn on graph paper with the lines in it
Geometric art by NastyInc on DeviantArt
the same pattern is shown in two different ways