Turtle In Olomouc - Olomouc (Czech: [ˈolomou̯t͡s]; locally Holomóc or Olomóc; German: Olmütz; Latin: Olomucium or Iuliomontium; Polish: Ołomuniec [ɔwɔˈmuɲɛt͡s]) is a city in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic.Olomouc is said to occupy the site of a Roman fort founded in the imperial period, the original name of which, Iuliomontium (Mount Julius), would be gradually corrupted to the present form.

Turtle In Olomouc - Olomouc (Czech: [ˈolomou̯t͡s]; locally Holomóc or Olomóc…

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Get facts to help you plan your Olomouc travel itinerary in a city known for its World Heritage sites, spas, Baroque art, and fountains.

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Olomouc Czech Republic makes a perfect day trip from Prague. The city is full of beautiful architecture, cobbled streets and UNESCO landmark!

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Olomouc, Czech Republic - May 7, 2013: Olomouc Town Hall from XIV century, rebuild in XV century. Partly gothic.

Olomouc, Czech Republic - May Olomouc Town Hall from XIV century, rebuild in XV century.

Christmas Olomouc 2014

Christmas Olomouc 2014

OLOMOUC Náměstí Míru v roce 1980 na fotografii Antonína Gribovského

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Dolní náměstí

Dolní náměstí

Olomouc Horní náměstí

Olomouc - Moravia, Czech Republic * At the center of Olomouc, Moravia, this column commemorates the end of an siege of the plague.

Olomouc Radnice

Olomouc Radnice

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