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Máscara de hidratação  2 colheres de seu creme de hidratação costumeiro 1 tampinha do bepantol       1 colher de óleo de coco   3 colheres de leite de coco   2 colheres de óleo de oliva extra virgem Com o cabelo ja lavado com o shampoo, aplique com massagens. Aguarde 15m. Enxágue e passe o condicionador.
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Love drawing things like this were it shows the persons back and it let's the viewer come up with the face
I like how she looks beautiful and sad at the same time, the artist truly has talent. All credit to him/her!
Girl back pencil sketch
mitch grassi with blue eyes
Mitch Grassi fashion April 2016 He wore the fourth outfit going to the right at the concert I went to and he was killing it!
im pretty sure i just peed my pants his smile is literally life