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Máscara de hidratação  2 colheres de seu creme de hidratação costumeiro 1 tampinha do bepantol       1 colher de óleo de coco   3 colheres de leite de coco   2 colheres de óleo de oliva extra virgem Com o cabelo ja lavado com o shampoo, aplique com massagens. Aguarde 15m. Enxágue e passe o condicionador.

An idea of what I want to draw. Only the hair covering up one eye, and I want the hair to be more flowy, not so curly. And I want the edges to just kind of "blend" into the paper o.

Love drawing things like this were it shows the persons back and it let's the viewer come up with the face

I like how some part of the pictures are darker then others, they catch your eye faster. So the first thing you see is the dress, then you see the flower in the hair. Like the Hair and dress

im pretty sure i just peed my pants his smile is literally life

When the most flawless creature on earth smile and you realize your favorite animal is Mitch Grassi