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I think it's amazing that Jimmy Novak can look absolutely NOTHING like Castiel. I guess that's MISHA Collins for you.

Cute Paul McCartney.

haveisaidsomethingamiss: “My “Smiley Beatles” post has a lot of notes now. So in celebration here’s some more Beatles gifs to show how happy I am :) Smile with The Beatles :) ”

(gif) Jared Padalecki Winks. This gif is dangerous. DEAD HELP! AHHH HELL *THUD* << you guys ok? Oh hey Jared what's up-*collapses*

This gif is dangerous. AHHH HELL *THUD* << you guys ok? Oh hey Jared what's up-*collapses*<<< *kicks you guys* are you dead? Can I have your merch if your dead?

Misha Collins #Supernatural

Inspiring image dean winchester, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, sam winchester, supernatural - Resolution - Find the image to your taste