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Natálie-Gajevy Uršitzová
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My favorite father (ok after minato) in Naruto 🍃 - : Fav team in Naruto? : Team Yahiko (Yahiko,Konan and Nagato) - Anime : Naruto - [ Taken by animefactsx on Thursday January 2016


Japan is saikou. I wish I could go to an Attack on Titan theme park. I want to pretend to be eaten by a Titan. Also, that would be an awesome place for a date if you're an otaku.

Ahh his scream as my ringtone every time someone's calling i'll hear his wonderful scream ❤ FUN FACT . Fact from : @attackontitan.facts  - Character : Armin Arlert Anime : Attack on Titan - [#aot #attackontitan #snk #armin#otaku #anime #manga  #arminarlert #animefact #shingekinokyojin #animefacts]

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Trivia and Facts, I can imagine getting a phone call and it's Armin just screaming, "Oh. and I just got a new ringtone and It's-. (Ringtone goes off)" "WHAT THE F IS THAT!" "The ringtone like It?

Should have done it so then we wouldn't need the second season

--------------------------- Anime : attack on titan/ shingeki no kyojin --------------------------- Go watch it! ~ funimation is telling you to watch it ~

Anime facts Free! And kuroshitsuji<<< well dang it!<<<<what?? I knew about black butler but free too omfg sjjjshajaja

Ahahahahahhahaha FANGIRL EMOTIONS <<<but who was the cannon free ship? (Obviously reigisa but who else?)<< No one can argue with Reigisa! You can go back and forth forever between Makoharu and RinHaru but you can't deny Reigisa it's cannon