Natálie Chloupková

Natálie Chloupková

Natálie Chloupková
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Wild Spirit

An awesome example of the uses of light in reflective surfaces, using a main subject - which is the dog. I will need to research more about using subjects. Maybe animals, items or even people.

.:Homecoming:. by on @DeviantArt

my respnse: that dragon would be the best one! creator's response: Not a fan of dragons with feathers, but I have to post it because it reminds me so much of Flammie from the Secret of Mana video game.

Midnight moon adopted by me

Midnight moon adopted by me<< my art board is getting a spam of this so you can see what I'm talking about I'm so fuckifndb akhxkahKah whY IM SO SORRY KAWIKU

Hic by Silverfox5213 on DeviantArt

try on my new mistress Cintiq, I think I'm ready to use her for my next commission Hic