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Hä bist du behindert?  #apecrime #cengiz

Hä bist du behindert? #apecrime #cengiz

ApeCrime... Album: Affenbande

Always lookign for great music releases and news

Something about this just makes me smile. Maybe with wolves or ferrets or all different household animals pigpiled instead?

I chose this for rhythm because they are all the same drawing being repeated but the color makes the drawing interesting so you dont just see the same thing being repeated. Without the color it would almost be the same drawing repeated.

Wow. Really? Tying spongebob to that is a bit of a stretch. | Spongebob’s ties to 9/11: | 17 Important Conspiracy Theories We Need To Be Paying Attention To

Really? you're putting spongebob into something that has changed America forever? don't get me wrong, I love Spongebob but this is completely irrelevant and immature. is not something to joke about people. I mean really?