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Natálie Koudelová

Natálie Koudelová
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Nested chair(s), very cool

Chairs upon chairs. The Inception Chair by RISD student Vivian Chiu is a series of ten interlocking chairs made of ash, meant to mimic the dream-within-a-dream concept from the 2010 film Inception. Clever idea because making more use with little space.

предметный дизайн HARDCORE collection

Igor Martin Chair for private and commercial interiors, made of plywood. Designed for companies Home Ideas Supplyyu Dimensions: 518 mm. x 636 mm. x 846 mm.


Rokur, by Purpose Inc. Purpose Inc., a furniture and housewares company based in Utah, have designed this wonderfully minimalist take on an iconic symbol that is the rocking chair. They call it Rokur.

Christian Desile // bamboo folding chair #productdesign #industrialdesign

Assignment (using cardboard) Bamboo Folding Chair / Christian Desile. Opens for a sturdy seat, stores flat. Bonus points if it becomes a rocking chair!