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Favorite Reisenthel items!

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I adore this luggage set from REISENTHEL! You can find this entire set at the NATEX and in my closet.

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Allrounder L baroque sand- Great weekend trip bag!

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Carrybag XS pink - A shopping bag even for the little ones in your life!

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Allrounder M marigold Special Edition - Trendy over night bag from Reisenthel, now at the NATEX!!!

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Poncho ruby dots- Staying dry for spring!

Wrapcosmetic flora 2 - Travel with all of your cosmetics in this trendy wrap!

Allrounder M marigold olive Special Edition- Adorable!

Carrybag fifties black - Classy!!!

Allrounder L marigold olive Special Edition - Now at the NATEX