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Some of these phans really need to join like the FBI or something because they can find anything!<<< the Phandom is literally Sherlock


Don't tell me, there's gonna be a lion sticker next to the heart sticker. So it reads: lion bear <<HOLY SHIT

- ̗̀ @artsyautumn  ̖́-

does dan actually call phil a spork? cause sometimes he says 'f*ck me with a spork' and idk sorry i'm just a real big phan person 💕

Stop harassing Pete

You never know if they get offended by them <<Yeah, no Peterick to them but yeah I ship it so.

Devil suit Patrick <3 Soul Punk era

Do devils like angels, Patrick? Because I have a halo you'd love to see. lol>>>> ummmm alrighty then.