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Synyster Gates

This photo set looks like hes told a joke and if confused then starts to get it XD hes so cute i love you so much Syn

Zacky Vengeance, Avenged Sevenfold, Hero

Frank Ieros (guitarist in my chemical romance) tattoos c:

I am composed of three basic elements Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance, with a dash of psychopath I am "that weird chick" and I am not sorry. Music is the cornestone of my eternal happiness, and I love Unicorns.

The fact that Frank Iero has "Bookworm" tattooed onto his hands just makes me so happy.

You see someone with tattoos on their knuckles and its like. oh their such a thug. But then cute little Frank tattoos Bookworm on his knuckles, and it just gives me a whole new perspective on knuckle tats.

NYC's 6 Coolest Tattoo Artists — & The Ink That Proves It! #refinery29

Very pretty dog tattoo and probably done from big love! Dog on the calf is the same one which stands near and even with glasses on! Tattoo is decorated with bright flowers in different sides. And as we know, the dog is man's best friend!