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Jean Seberg for Saint Joan (1957) | FROM THE BYGONE Saints, Cecil Beaton, Black And White, Human Poses Reference, Wonder Woman, Star Jeans, Hollywood, Pixie Haircut
Jean Seberg for Saint Joan (1957)
Jean Seberg for Saint Joan (1957) | FROM THE BYGONE
an intricately detailed statue is shown in black and white, as if it were carved from wood
History! by Zhukov - The Military History Emporium
a woman holding a bird over her face
Masquerade Ball
Paris, Burlesque, Vintage Posters, Horror, Vintage Ads, Old Hollywood
the cover art for batwod's album, the return to earth with an image of a full moon in the background
Bathory - Band | BlackMetalTemple
Bathory - The Return... (1985)
two people standing in front of a multicolored circle
Hausu (House), Criterion Collection, 1977
a statue of an angel holding a cross with the moon in the background
an image of a stage set with people in it
From "Prospero's Books" a piece of Shakespearian greatness from Peter Greenaway....see " St.Jerome in his study" in my ok,art section.
an elaborately decorated room is shown with candles and other items on the table in front of it
suspended in a fungus