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marauders era aesthetics | severus snape

severus snape really never saw me as friend. See saw me as "Lily's annoying little sister, who always gets her attention" Which explains why he had a great dislike for me during our school days

Young Severus Snape.Origins…. by xantishax277

Strangeness in the Slytherin Dorms. I'll be going through and fixing things in old chapters at times. Dumbledore is bad. Umbridge is also bad obviously. Set fifth year and on. Hermione is bitchy for awhile and Ron's an ass.

Harry lost his godfather, but Remus lost his best friend also, I believe that Remus was overlooked and underestimated. No one really focused on what Remus must have felt seeing James Potter's son, and being re-united with his best friend who was accused of murder that he did not do. Being re-united and torn apart once again in the most painful way in the course of the movies.<

While Harry was losing his godfather, Remus was losing his best friend. Only, Remus' emotions are overlooked and underemphasized, forcing him to deal with the pain in an isolating loneliness.


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