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"Who needs a social life, if you have the voices inside you're head."

"Being insane is what's keeping me alive from my nightmares." Anime: MekakuCity…<<<<< is seems really interesting

What you you like to do?........... (P.S., I like collecting animal skulls. I have a cat head, a pig head, (somewhere, i think I lost it) a goat head, I think I lost my rat head, and this spring I might have a rabbit head. If it's not eaten by then, I mean, she's already dead, c'mon, animals, let her R.I.P until I take her skull...)

Ruffnut and Rapunzel. Just a little talk---In my ROBTFD AU where they get run out of Arendelle, what if they hide out in Berk

Kristoff, the dreamiest Disney guy.

Why Kristoff Is Secretly The Dreamiest Disney Guy Ever - I don't agree with all of these, but thought I'd just post it cause he is the dreamiest


love the new disney movies as much as the old ones! CGI Princesses + Seasons Elsa - Winter for ice magic Anna - Spring for thawing love Rapunzel - Summer for sun magic Merida - Autumn for change