примеры дизайна инстаграма 💿

29 Pins
six different images with the same image in each one, including flowers and people's faces
Оформление сторис для бьютибара // сторис эстетика
the website design is displayed in pink and grey
Визуальная концепция для Инстаграм сторис | сторисмейкер | оформление сторис
an image of some type of stickers that are on the app for people to see
Яркая лента Инстаграм, пример профиля Инстаграм
an advertisement for a fashion store with many pictures and words on the back side of it
Визуал для архетипа бунтарь
many different types of jars and containers on a wooden table with text overlaying them
Визуальное оформление ленты