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two knitted frog dolls sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
People Can’t Get Enough Of These Knitted Frog And Toad Plushies Created By Knitter Kristina McGowan
a drawing of two people standing on a bench with an umbrella over their head and the caption, when she was told who the disturbed person was
The Green Beads: Edward Gorey and the “Disturbed Person”
an old wooden boat with a man standing next to it on a black background in the dark
American Artisan Show 2017 Artisans - Wilton Historical Society
a wooden sculpture with people standing on it's top and holding hands in front of a tree
Turn The Hands of Temptation
an old fashioned toy horse pulling a cart with a man on it's back
Turn the Wheels of Freedom by Steve Hazlett - Click to close
a wooden horse drawn carriage with a man on it
JCCFS | Find a Class
a statue of two people standing on top of a heart with one holding the other's hand
Steve Hazlett, American Folkcraft - Weathervanes
an old glove with a cat on it
oil cloth CAT doll
an old wooden statue with a woman in a dress
Robert Young Antiques
an old wooden toy sitting on top of a brown barrel with a hat on it's head
Art - Antique Associates at West Townsend
a stone angel on the side of a building
Cathédrale St-Etienne, Cahors
an elaborately carved sculpture on the side of a building with figures and people around it
Capitel medieval de la Iglesia de Saint Nectaire,Auvergne,Francia
an intricately carved sculpture on the side of a building with people and animals around it
Chapiteau roman.. La fuite en Égypte.