Catholic bedtime prayers

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a poem with the words 5 evening prayers to close your day
ChristiansTT - Uplifting And Inspirational Christian Prayers
a poem written in the night sky with stars above it and an image of a tree
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a sign that says pray out loud on the side of a building in black and white
Prayer for healing, strength and protection
Prayer for salvation to share with lost souls.
a sign with the words read your bible written on it in front of some trees
Utilize This Tool When You're Feeling Weary😥 or When Things Seem Unclear
a poem with the words prayer for when you don't know what to do
Prayer for when you don’t know what to do
Bible Verses About Faith:Stop and wait. Pray. Read scripture. This is the way to clarity and peace in decision making.
the poem dear lord, you know what i am worried about
My Mom always knew what to say whenever I was troubled. She was gentle, yet hard. She was stern, but understanding. She knew before I ever told her something was wrong, and had a way of solving everything with a few words of wisdom. Never judging, always loving, and always there.
a prayer with the words prayer before sleep
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a poem written in white ink on a blue background with the words night time prayer for adults
Night Time Prayer for Grown Ups
Night Time Prayer for Adults A simple prayer made with adults in mind, to say to God before you go to sleep.