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a hand with an all seeing eye on it and clouds in the sky around it
80 Spectacular Black and Grey Tattoo Designs - TheTatt
an ink drawing of two hands holding each other with arrows and birds around the edges
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a man's arm with an angel and compass tattoo on it
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a man with tattoos on his arms and shoulder
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a tattoo design with the words family and praying hands
Chicano tattoo designs hand cross family
an angel and cupid tattoo design
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an angel with wings and cross tattoo design
Guardian Angel Full-sleeve Tattoo by CrisLuspoTattoos on DeviantArt
a person with a tattoo on their arm and hand holding a rose that says, faith
Familia por Alexis
a drawing of a heart and roses with the word mommy on it's side
Tony Ciavarro - 101 half Sleeves – 108 photos