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patrick stump everyone

Patrick Stump American Beauties and American Psychos.

I do this a lot. A lot. I don't play the drums but I wish i did. Can Patrick give me lessons? PLEASE?!

My old percussion teacher used to tell us to tap on random objects as a practice method so this makes sense

Patrick stump is so cute

Ashley Zicora @ Em Patrickstarr If you were a ghost who would you watch take til shower l' Patrick Stump Patrickstarr r/ That sounds really fob Fall out boy patrick stump Cutie Patootie

Favorite tweet of Patrick Srump

This is the leader of the greatest punk rock band of all time. <~ Pop Rock/Punk is a better descriptions and even thennnnn idk about that

Oh Patrick, you crack me up!

I love how during interviews he's really serious, and then there's also this sarcastic, witty side to him.

Patrick Stump

Sorry Patrick, but you'll always remembered as Thanks Pete. I guess you'll have to Thank Pete.<<<< slaps knee falls over

This is my favorite Patrick Stump tweet ever.

Wouldn't wanna disappoint satan with a messy place now would we?<< As Satan, I can safely say I do not like BEIN disappointed with messy living areas