Unusual Toilet Signs

A board dedicated to the myriad of unusual toilet signs that we see as we pee. From the people behind Naked Tour Guide, Prague -www.nakedtourguideprague.com
13 Pins
a wooden door with a black sticker on it's side and a metal object in the shape of a woman
And his companion is just weird!
an image of a door with a man on it and the word love spelled in cursive writing
The placement of the screw fixtures have given this little man eyes and #PadrePio style hands and feet. www.nakedtourguideprague.com
a red metal structure with a blue sign on it's side next to a sidewalk
Just go here. Right here.
a paper cutout of a woman and child on a wire
Slightly peculiar ladies' toilet sign at the Cerny Most shopping centre, with this "inverted devil horns" look. www.nakedtourguideprague.com
a black and white drawing of a man in a suit with a cane on the wall
And here's her mate, also from #CafeRegner in #Plzen. #Plzen2015 www.nakedtourguideprague.com
a black and white sign with a drawing of a person on it
We found this in #CafeRegner in #Plzen. It's a beautiful non-smoking cafe, right in the centre of town. #Plzen2015 www.nakedtourguideprague.com
a painting of a skeleton with a flower in it's hair on a wooden table
More Mexican madness at Las Adelitas. www.nakedtourguideprague.com
a blue frame with a painting of a skeleton wearing a top hat and bow tie
#TimBurton goes Mexican at Las Adelitas
a close up of a bathroom door with the word'muzi gentlemen'on it
It just works, at Ema Espresso Bar #Prague #GoodCoffee www.nakedtourguideprague.com
a bathroom sign with the words zeny ladies on it
Very nicely done at Ema Espresso Bar. #GoodCoffee #Prague
a white wall with black arrows painted on it and a window in the corner that says vc
Simple, but effective. The toilets in the beer garden in the Vysehrad. #Prague #BeerGarden #Vysehrad
a close up of a wooden surface with an image of a man and woman on it
Beware of aggressive wheelchair users! At Pizza Nouva on Revolucni in #Prague!
a drawing of two people on a white wall
Unisex Toilet sign, at Le Caveau Wineshop and Cafe, Namesti Jiriho z Podebrad, Prague.