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The City of 1000 Commemorative Plaques

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Jaroslav Seifert (pamětní deska)

"On September 23, 1901, at 7:33 in the morning, the poet Jaroslav Seifert was born in this building." [Czech]


Park U lužického semináře

"My life was fantastic, because it was ordinary... In this building lived and died the poet Vladimir Holan. 16.9.1905 - 31.3.1980" [Czech]


Obecní dům

"This building, the Municipal House of Prague, is consecrated by the Czechoslovak revolution. Here, on January 6th, 1918, the declaration of all the deputies of the nation was approved in the Gregr Hall. Here, on April 13th, 1918, the famous National Oath was composed in the Smetana Hall. Here, starting on May 17th, 1918, during jubilee celebrations at the National Theatre, a convention for the oppressed peoples of Austria-Hungary was held. Here, on July 13th, 1918, the Czechoslovak National…


Česká národní banka | Czech National Bank

"Fryderyk Chopin, creator of Polish national music, lived in the building that stood on this spot in 1829 and 1830." [Czech]


Biskupcova (tram)

"In memory of a family which sacrificed their lives for the homeland. MARIE MORAVEC (born 5.VIII.1898, died 18.VI.1942 under arrest by the Gestapo); ALOIS MORAVEC (born 23.I.1887, died 24.X.1942 at Mauthausen); VLASTIMIL MORAVEC (born 17.III.1921, died 24.X.1942 at Mauthausen); MIROSLAV MORAVEC (born 3.IX.1918, died 7.VI.1944 as a Czechoslovak pilot in England)." [Czech; this is the family that sheltered the resistance heroes who assassinated SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich]


Kostel sv. Mikuláše

"We remain loyal"

Národní třída

"Dr. Jan May, doctor and humanitarian, lived, worked, and died here. He is remembered by his grateful patients." [Czech, address: Mikulandska 10]

Mánesova ulice

Vaclav Vydra, national artist and Czech actor, lived in this building in 1942-1953. [Czech]


"Vysehrad gallery. Originally a structure of the medieval castle towers, which was part of the fortification of Vysehrad in the second half of the 14th century during the time of Charles the 4th. Its foundation lies on the layout of a palace which was part of the medieval acropolis of princes and kings. A later baroque renovation was carried out in the 18th century." [Czech]


"Romanesque bridge. Construction from the last third of the 11the century, at the same time as the reign of Vratislav (1061-1092), the first king of Bohemia. It connected the princes' and kings' area with the Romanesque basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul." [Czech]