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Casa Gazebo, Ibiza, Zenmax Body Orientated Mindfulness Ibiza

#Ibiza #retreat Natural Tuning, #masterclass in simpleness. ZenmaX Body Orientated #Mindfulness, 25 October - 31 October 2015. Still places free. Special offer for Ibiza residents and groups. for more information.

Five full days of qigong, meditation and mindfulness at a beautiful spot on the rugged Ibiza shores and relaxing evenings in a "Balinese" atmosphere.

#Ibiza Natural Tuning - allow yourself to be original! For everybody who wants to work on her/himself in an active and energizing way. Playfully using martial art and oriental philosophy.

Ritsuzen, Standing Zen at Es Vedra Ibiza part of the Natural Tuning retreats in April 2015

ZenmaX Casa Gazebo, Ibiza retreats, Baduanjin aligning the meridians

ZenmaX Casa Gazebo, IbIza, Baduanjin qigong at sunrise

ZenmaX Casa Gazebo, Ibiza retreats, Baduanjin

ZenmaX Casa Gazebo, IbIza, private cinema

ZenmaX Casa Gazebo, Ibiza, open air dojo panoramic