how cool are these!?!  Each child can make an original bird out of shapes that have been pre-cut from either scrapbook paper, or a combination of newsprint, hand painted watercolor paper, whatever!  The birds are then mounted with each childs name written lightly underneath the "perch" Easy- afternoon project!

another fantastic owl/bird craft idea. or could use this an angry bird craft that leads to a writing activity

1st Fall-Cutting/gluing review-shapes, primary colors   Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Autumn1623

Kinder Bird Shapes-Primary colors and Cutting/gluing. Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by

How cute are these little guys?

Round litte twirpy, chirpy birds - could use fabric or scrapbook paper for bird breast Kindergarten

Nous recyclons nos déchets de carton. #bricolage #enfants et

Itt van az ősz, itt van újra… és mennyi lehetőség van a kreatívkodásra!

Oiseau bâton à glace bricolage enfant

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