Suck up as many M&Ms with a straw as you can in 60 seconds.   Blue Zone: Party games to rock your partaaay!

Party Games (m-n-m's OR skittles) straws and cups) take the straws and breathe/suck in and see you wins for most Simple easy and cheap go to dollars store for all items

how many cheerios can you stack in 100 sec?  Energizer activity could be used for teamwork or communication with some adjustments

{Mommy School} Playing & Learning with Play-Doh

Transfert de noix avec pince à spaghettis (PS/MS Nathaliell)

Discover thousands of images about pixel Love this! this activity could be replicated by pom poms, potatoes, small plastic easter eggs, beads, etc!

It was a beautiful day around here, and so I looked out for a unique outdoor activity.  These big foot races were a lot of fun for the girls.  All you do is take shoe boxes and cut holes big enough so your kids can slip their feet in.  Then, you tape the lid to the box, have the kids put them on and race.  I love the idea of… {Read More}

Day #129 - Big Foot Races

Great field day activity or field day game. A simple shoe box turns into loads of fun in this multiple skill building game - Big Foot Relay. Discover all the sensory motor activities involved!

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Este juego me encanta..!!super divertido y dulce

I’m sure you’ve heard of the apple eating contest, well, here’s an easier version of that fun kid’s game called doughnut on a string.

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