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Relationship - We would be together and have our books  #Book, #ErnestHemingway, #Together
i. give. up. you chose to leave, i shoupd always remember that. i don't care anymore.

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Natural products for ADHD. Or anything else.
Dying laughing of your filtered photo. You look like the joker keep doing the lame shit you do like fake accounts. Real low!
This cracked me up!

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an angel with the words heavenly guided above it
the shadow of a tree on a wall with a quote written below it that reads, i read a quote that said
Strong Women Co
someone is holding up a book with the words dream written on it in front of them
the words stay genuine, tables will always turn
there's a beauty in being reflected, misinderstood, unseen, and unsupported by people it teaches you to rely on god for everything
a poem written in black and white with the words let people judge you
a car driving down the road at night with a light shining on it's side