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Easter like....what does the original handicraft offer?

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Easter decorations in Poland are full of colors and we can be amazed by high level of artistic traditional designs made by hand. We, however look deeper to find also modern artists fascinated by traditional handicraft and interpreting it in a modern, intriguing way. Just have a look at some of our ideas of Easter decorations!

Hand weaved by a master of Polish handicraft Easter basket made of a root of a pine. Basket also can fulfill a usable function – it is suitable for fruits, vegetables and small items safekeeping.

Hand weaved by a master of Polish handicraft basket made of a root of a pine – it has the form of cradle. This wickerwork will pose an original and elegant decoration for every interior

Opole painted Easter egg, referred to as “kroszonka” in Polish, created on basis of blue painted hen eggshell. It is hand decorated with application of method based on hand-engraving of decorating motifs on previously one-coloured eggshell.

This decorated egg is made with the use of decoupage technique. It is decorated with motifs inspired by a folk paper-cutting.