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INTP personality type

INTP women, let’s get away from society and start our own civilization filled with only INTP women, because we’re awesome.

If you read this and did not tear up, you have no soul

Harry Potter Forever : Utterly amazing, THIS is my childhood, my life, everything I began with. Definitely brought a tear to my eye (or a whole flood of tears) just looking back on this.

eternal anguish<<<< Always.

Thank you Alan Rickman for helping to make Harry Potter amazing. You were a really amazing person and a wonderful actor. You will be missed. Also this scene breaks my heart every time. Always Alan Rickman, RIP.

Im in love with cities Ive never been to and people Ive never met | The most beautiful parts of life are still unfolding.

I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met. The most beautiful parts of life are still unfolding! But somehow I felt that it completely reassembles me with my obsession with korean pop and their culture.