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Lake Kenyir

A journey through east Malaysia. The captivating beauty of Lake Kenyir.
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Lake Kenyir, Tasir Waterfall. A smaller fall breaking out from the main cascade.

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Lake Kenyir, Tasir Waterfall. The upper levels creating small green pools, - inviting for a dip or refreshing shower..

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Kenyir Elephant Village, present (Oct. 2014) only a few elephants live here. 3 adults and 2 children.

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Lake Kenyir, Kelah Sanctuary. Almost there, the trail leads around the rocks to the sanctuary

Lake Kenyir, Tasir Waterfall. View from the beginning of the trail with the fall and canopy luring in the back.

Lake Kenyir, Tasir Waterfall. The terrace patio close to the fall.

Lake Kenyir, Kelah Sanctuary. Along the way back from the Sanctuary we encounter the locals cooling in the clear fresh mountain water, - with the Kelah fish

Lake Kenyir, Kelah Sanctuary. on the trial back from the Sanctuary we take it - 'off the beaten' track

Lake Kenyir, Kelah Sanctuary. Ambiance view form our Sanctuary. Lucky fishes.

Lake Kenyir, Kelah Sanctuary. Two brave soliders take it all the way and get a full body - Fish - massage.